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  • From IIIP :

Briefly, QPAC Business Consultant has been appointed by Talent Corp Malaysia Berhad to undertake the role of implementing Graduates Employability Management Scheme (GEMS 2.0) in Oil and Gas Sector. The title of the programme is a Plant Turnaround Management Trainee (PTMT) that consists of 2months training at the Training Centre in Paka, Terengganu and subsequent month On Job Training in their host company for 6months.     Kindly please find the attached documents for your reference;

>>>> QPAC Business Consultant Company Profile

>>>> Global Oil Outlook

>>>> Brochure GEMS 2.0 (PTMT)

 >>>> Application Form ( Please bring during the Interview Session)

In addition, the company is offering RM 500 allowances per graduates within training period and also guaranteed job in O&G industry.As part of their selection process for enrollment into PTMT, there will be an Interview Session conduct by the QPAC Business Consultant.

  • Add Subject Online
Please refer to the new subject file here if you plan to add subjects for this semester. This is the updated schedule from AcSS as at 3rd February 2016. Please be reminded that the dateline to add subjects online is until 7th February 2016 (Sunday).You are highly encouraged to view your timetable through ECITIE especially during Week 1 and Week 2 for any changes in term of venue and time.
  • FYP for Semester September 2016 (FYP 1 Degree & FYP Diploma)

For those who will register FYP for Semester September 2016 (FYP 1 Degree & FYP Diploma), kindly please fill in the Pre-Registration FYP Form and submit to ACSS before 12th February 2016. Failed to do so will make you unable to register FYP for the next semester. You may get the form through elearning or at ACSS office.

>>>> Pre-registration FYP form

  • Pertandingan Idea Perniagaan 2016

MARA akan mengadakan Pertandingan Idea Perniagaan 2016 Sempena Sambutan 50 Tahun MARA. Justeru itu, para pelajar MICET  adalah dialu-alukan untuk menyertai pertandingan ini. Pertandingan ini adalah untuk menilai Idea Perniagaan (apa-apa jenis idea perniagaan yang kreatif dan innovatif), dimana syarat-syarat penyertaan bolehlah dirujuk berdasarkan dokumen yang dilampirkan.Tarikh tutup penyertaan pada 12 Februari . Pemilihan idea perniagaan yang disenarai pendekkan akan dimaklumkan kepada  peserta dimana pembentangan hasil kerja akan diadakan pada tarikh 17 Februari.Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, anda boleh hubungi saya  di talian 017-3185200 atau 06-5512019.

>>>> Borang penyertaan

  • 2016 UniKL Chem-E-Car Internal Competition Briefing

Please be informed that there will be a briefing of 2016 UniKL Chem-E-Car Competition. The details of the briefing is as below:

Date:  3 February 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 2:00 PM

Venue: DK1

For any inquiries, please contact:

Abdul Hakim Haji Abu Bakar (MICET Lecturer) - Ext: 2140

Aiman Nazmi Rosli (MICET Lecturer) - Ext: 2156

Dr Ng Law Yong (ICOLE Lecturer) - Ext: 2040

Khairul Azly Zahan (MICET Lecturer) – Ext: 2027

>>>> Rules and regulations >>>> New concepts

  • From Unit IT

Beginning February 1, ICT Unit will implement new procedure to access to UniKL MICET WiFi.

 >>>> how to login UniKL MICET Wifi

  • Genesis Program UniKL -  MARA

This program is available for Student Semester 2 (Intake September 2015). The main objective is to produce 1000 entrepreneur/technopreneurs among UniKL graduates and to encourage students to get involved in business in the current economic uncertainty. Students who are interested to be entrepreneur/technopreneurs will have to go for Entrepreneurial Internship Program (EIP) on 2019 (first cohort).For more details,  please refer to Pn Rohani Sulong at Unit Teknoputra or e-mail at rohanisulong@unikl.edu.my

Program >>>> GENESIS PROGRAM UniKL MARA 2015 – 2020

  • From AcSS

Please be informed that January 2016 timetable has been released today. Do refer to the 'Subject Jan2016' file here if you plan to add subjects for this semester. This is the updated schedule from AcSS as at 26th January 2016. Please be reminded that the dateline to add subjects online is until 7th February 2016 (Sunday).

You are highly encouraged to view your timetable through ECITIE especially during Week 1 and Week 2 for any changes in term of venue and time.


  • From IIIP : internship


ii) Kepada pelajar-pelajar yang masih belum mendapat tempat Latihan Industri bagi Semester Januari 2016 (25 Jan 2016 - 13 Mei 2016)  >>>> Senarai Nama Syarikat utk Latihan Industri_UniKL MICET

  • From DR NORZAHIR SAPAWE : FYP WPD39806 & WPB49804 Jan 2016

    Kindly refer to the attach files of final list FYP Diploma and Degree Jan 2016 for your further action. Make sure that your name is in the list. The students need to contact and see directly their respective supervisor soon for more details. IMPORTANT:- For FYP Degree, make sure that you are ready for your draft proposal submission to the examiner on Week 4 and proposal presentation on Week 5. For Diploma, you need to give your draft thesis to the examiner on Week 14 and your thesis presentation will be held during Week 15. If there any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me, within this week, latest by Thursday (07/01/2015). 



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