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  • Cadangan Program kesedaran Alam Sekitar 2015

Please click ------> Cadangan Program kesedaran Alam Sekitar 2015

  • From Food Engineering Technology Section  : Certified Halal Sci Exec Programme (Chasep)

Please click ------> Chasep participant 2015

Please click ------> Chasep Offer letter 2015

  • CALLING for Students (Bachelor/Diploma)  : Fundamental Programming and Simulation of MATLAB and SIMULINK

CALLING for participants who are interested to seek knowledge and pimp their resume on 

Fundamental Programming and Simulation of MATLAB and SIMULINK

MATLAB & SIMULINK Training details:

- The training will be held for 3-4 days.

- Tentative date is around May 2015 (Right after finishing Latihan Industri - Firm date will informed later)

Seats are limited for 20 persons only.

Certificate and refreshments are provided.

- For those who are really interested to join,

 Please contact/liase with Miss Ruby, Miss Yushazaziah, Mdm Izume Ayuna or Mdm Asimi Ana.

  • CALLING for participants who are interested to join “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving  Skills Seminar in Mathematics”.
  • The seminar will be held on 14 – 15 February 2015(2 days) at UniKL MICET. This seminar will organize by Technical Foundation Section in collaboration with CITC.
  • One of the objectives is to develop mathematical thinking, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills among students so that they can use these skills to solve engineering problems.
  • Participants are limited to 150 Bachelor students ONLY.  (Preference is Semester 2 Bachelor students. However, applications from another semester student are also welcome.
  • NO ENTRY FEES. Teaching material and meal are provided. Do join us and let’s grab this great once in the life opportunity.
  • For those who are interested to join, do give your name to Miss Nabihah, Madam Zaida, En. Nasir or En. Abu Hassan ASAP.
  • (LAST DATE for registration is on 6 February 2015 (Friday) at 4 pm)
  • From Finance Unit

"Dear All Students,

This is a friendly reminder that your account is NOW OVERDUE. We are really seeking your utmost cooperation to express the urgency settlement of this outstanding as soon as possible due to your account has now EXCEEDED our normal credit facility. We would not like this matter will disturb your learning process.

Your PROMPT ATTENTION & ACTION to this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you have any queries regarding this account, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 06-551 2038/2057.

If payment has recently been made, please forward the copy of remittance to us and ignore this reminder."

  • From Acss :  Memo

 For more information please click :

- Barred listed (Attendance) September Semester 2014 (NEW)

- Program Structure for Pre-registration of Subjects.(NEW)(Attention to Intake June 2013 & June 2014 students, please refer to the following Program Structure for Pre-registration of Subjects. For any inquiries, please refer to Pn. Siti Hasliza Yahaya at 06-55 2033 or e mail at

       - Pre Registration January 2015 (NEW)

       - Offered Subject 2015 (NEW)

- Memo Final Examination September Semester 2014 

Final Examination Schedule September Semester 2014

- Memo Course Evaluation

  • Plant Design and Modeling With Smart 3D Software ( PIPE)

Calling ALL students in semester 6 and 7 to SUBMIT their particulars;
Name, ID number, MARA loan number and IC number; for the purpose of attending the above Professional Certificate in PIPE during June 2015 for 1 month.
1. Bachelor Students ONLY.
2. Must complete ALL courses prior INTRA or after INTRA.
Please liase/email THE DETAILS with Puan MARMY @ Puan ASIMI.


June 2014 -------> LIST OF EMAIL STUDENTS

September 2014 --------> LIST OF EMAIL STUDENTS (NEW)

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