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  • From Process & Technical Foundation Department: Proposal Presentation (WPB 49804)

Proposal presentation will be held as follows:
Date: 7/10/2015 (Wed)
Time: Refer schedule
Venue: Refer schedule
You can check the time and venue of presentation in the attachment >>> file
All students are required to bring 2 copies of presentation assessment form (in e-learning) during presentation.

  • All FYP 2 and FYP Diploma

All FYP 2 and FYP Diplomaare required to attend the FYP Briefing that will cover literature review, data analysis and thesis format. The details of the workshop as below:
Date: 7/10/2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 3.00 to 5.40 PM
Venue: Lestari Hall
Attendance are compulsory.

  • Calling All Skim Pelajar Cemerlang (SPC) Diploma Students


>>> Surat pekeliling terbaru dari PTPTN

  • FYP Pre-Reg Form 2015

For those who will register FYP for semester January 2016 (FYP 1 & Diploma), kindly please fill in the Pre-Registration FYP Form and submit to ACSS before 18th September 2015. Failed to do so will make you unable to register fyp for the next semester. You may get the form through elearning or at ACSS office.

 >>> Pre-Registration FYP Form


>>> List of student email address

>>> Manual

  • From SDCL : Looking for MICET International Ambassador Candidates

>>> ambassadors

  • From ACSS :

>>> Latest timetable by Subject (NEW)

>>> Latest timetable by Lecturer (NEW)

 >>> Memo



Become part of Dong Foong Biotech Sdn Bhd (DFB).For more details >>> internship

b) Unit Teknoputra

Merujuk kepada Mesyuarat bersama Pejabat MARA Negeri Melaka pada 6 Ogos 2015 (Khamis). Skim PUTRA 2015 ditangguhkan sehingga dimaklumkan kelak. Sehubungan itu, bagi pelajar baru (intake Jun 2015) yang terlibat dengan aktiviti perniagaan/keusahawanan, anda digalakkan untuk mendaftar perniagaan dengan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) termasuk perniagaan secara On Line (via FB & Instagram).


Supervisory Information Details for FYP1 (WPB49804) & FYP Diploma (WPD39806) Sept 2015 Dear FYP 1 (WPB49806) & FYP Diploma (WPD39806) Sept 2015, Kindly refer to the attach files  of  FYP 1 (WPB 49804) and FYP Diploma (WPD 39806) for your further action. Please be inform there are a few students who still without supervisor for this coming semester. Therefore, some of the lecturers have been assign for this. The students are required to contact (or email) directly to his/her supervisor for more details (especially for those still have no FYP title). Your cooperation regarding this matter is highly appreciated. If there any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact me



  • Dear FYP Diploma (WPD 39806) and FYP 1 (WPB 49804)

Please check your title and your supervisor in the list given. If you have any problem, do contact me soon. For those do not have any title or supervisor, please write your name in the paper that available at receptionist counter according to your level of study (degree or diploma). Please do it soon within this week. Write your name, id, email, no phone, and section. The FYP committee will assign any project topic and supervisor for you. So, please do it as soon as possible to avoid any problems later on. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.



  • From Finance Unit : Outstanding Fees

This is a friendly reminder for those students have an outstanding fees. We are really seeking your utmost cooperation to express the urgency settlement of this outstanding as soon as possible due to the outstanding has now EXCEEDED our normal credit facility. We would not like this matter will disturb your learning process.Your PROMPT ATTENTION & ACTION to this memo/reminder would be greatly appreciated. If you have any queries regarding this account, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 06-551 2038/2057.If payment has recently been made, please forward the copy of remittance to us and ignore this reminder.

  • URCE 2015 Application Form

For more details please click >>> URCE 2015 Application Form I

  • From Safety Unit :  Vehicle sticker

Regarding of new vehicle sticker for campus UniKL MICET. Safety unit need all of UniKL MICET student need to fill up the VEHICLE REGISTRATION APPLICATION FORM >>> form, and send to Safety unit to get 2015 new sticker;

1. Maximum 1 vehicle sticker for 1 student (1 car or 1 motorcycle)

2. Price of the sticker - (will be inform latter)

3 Please bring with the registration form, a copy of ;

license , student ID, IC, Insurance vehicle cover note

*The date of payment and sticker distribution will be inform latter after getting the price and release from HQ

  • CALLING for Students (Bachelor/Diploma)  : Fundamental Programming and Simulation of MATLAB and SIMULINK

CALLING for participants who are interested to seek knowledge and pimp their resume on:
Fundamental Programming and Simulation of MATLAB and SIMULINK
MATLAB & SIMULINK Training details:
- The training will be held for 3-4 days.
- Tentative date is around May 2015 (Right after finishing Latihan Industri - Firm date will informed later)
- Seats are limited for 20 persons only.
- Certificate and refreshments are provided.​
- ​For those who are really interested to join,
 Please contact/liase with Miss Ruby, Miss Yushazaziah, Mdm Izume Ayuna or Mdm Asimi Ana.

  • Plant Design and Modeling With Smart 3D Software ( PIPE)

Calling ALL students in semester 6 and 7 to SUBMIT their particulars;
Name, ID number, MARA loan number and IC number; for the purpose of attending the above Professional Certificate in PIPE during June 2015 for 1 month.
1. Bachelor Students ONLY.
2. Must complete ALL courses prior INTRA or after INTRA.
Please liase/email THE DETAILS with Puan MARMY @ Puan ASIMI.

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